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Rational Inquiry®

Rational Inquiry® is a unique, patent-pending technology and body of knowledge created by scientist and mathematician, philosopher and entrepreneur Keith Raniere. It is based on the belief the more consistent an individual's beliefs and behavior patterns are, the more successful the person will be, and the greater his or her capacity of joy.

Rational Inquiry® is the technology behind NXIVM and is imparted by Executive Success Programs, Inc. and its President, Nancy Salzman. The model allows for the re-examination and integration of perceptions that may be the foundation of self-imposed limitations. It is also a tool for creating consistency in our language and removing errors of cognition. In this regard, it allows for the creation of permanent improvement and change. This technology yields reproducible, predictable and measureable results, and has a more personal application inspiring the individual to joyfully expand and grow.

Rational Inquiry® is more than a philosophy, it is a tool to create or examine philosophy—a process of philosophical development. In this sense, it assists individuals to maximize their potential, gain a deeper understanding of ethics, develop critical thinking skills and the use of logic, and develop a deep and compassionate understanding of humanity. This method of ethical analysis, representing a new toolset for the system of human thought, has been cited as a discovery of historical proportions.

We invite you to experience what many are calling the most revolutionary discovery of our untapped potential.